Black Raisins 400 gm | Sweet Taste & Juicy Flavor | Highly Nutritious


Rich and concentrated sources of energy, vitamins, Iron and minerals. Tiny dried fruits with a sweet taste and juicy flavor. They are highly nutritious and have many medicinal benefits.

Black Raisins (Kali Kishmish) are of a sweet taste and juicy flavour, as it is made of black grapes. In comparison to other raisins, they are darker, tangier.

Based on several studies
Highly nutritious, they come with a host of medicinal properties and health benefits! It helps improve skin, hair, it keep blood free from impurities, fight against bad cholesterol, keep blood pressure under control.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Packed in a facility that processes Cereals, Nuts, and Spices.

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100 gm, 200 gm, 400 gm


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