Butter Milk Masala 75 Gm


“Buttermilk Masala: Elevate Your Digestive Delight.”

  • Best Hydrating traditional Indian Drink; Instant refresher, Rich in Calcium.
  • Buttermilk Masala: Elevating Digestive Power with Exquisite Herbs and Spices.
  • Natural Ingredients in Buttermilk Masala Promotes Better Nutrition absorption.
  • Harness the benefits of Hing and dry coriander leaves, endorsed by Ayurveda.
  • Your healthier alternative to carbonated drinks, with a cooling touch.
  • Use of Black Salt Instead of white salt.

Dawn Lee provides you with the best traditional drink masala of India ever. Buttermilk, commonly known as Chaas, is an after-meal drink that aids digestion. This drink is very common in Indian families and is usually consumed in summer.

Buttermilk Masala: Elevate Your Digestive Delight

Unlocking the Essence of Authentic Buttermilk: Discover the art of creating perfect buttermilk – steer clear of adding water to curd. Embrace the Ayurvedic wisdom of replacing post-meal water with refreshing chaas, boosting digestion, and complementing solid foods impeccably.

Why Dawn Lee’s Chaas Masala? Harness the benefits of hing and dry coriander leaves, endorsed by Ayurveda. Your healthier alternative to carbonated drinks, with a cooling touch.

“Divine Healing Digestive Drink”: Unveiling the distinction between buttermilk and thin lassi. While thin lassi blends yogurt with water, Ayurveda cautions against this mixture. Ancient traditions vouched for Masala Chhach over post-meal water. Dawn Lee’s Buttermilk Masala: Infused with the digestive power of “hing,” the cool essence of “Dry Coriander Leaves,” and the gentle touch of “black salt and rock salt.” Explore genuine buttermilk masala on our website.

Embrace Ancient Wisdom: Step back to an era where buttermilk triumphed over post-meal water. The Digestive Drink that breathes life into your gut.

Did You Know? Buttermilk’s Ayurvedic significance shines as a thirst quencher. Opt for soothing spiced buttermilk over sugary cold drinks. Post-meal chaas aid digestion, supercharged with a medley of wholesome spices. Don’t miss out on this refreshing summer elixir.

Your Immunity Ally: Fortify your immune system, relish its cooling touch, and embrace a vitamin-rich, low-fat refreshment.

Benefits in Every Sip: Combat acidity, conquer constipation, and embrace a calcium-rich replenishment. Stay hydrated, as it cleanses and nourishes.

Experience Flavorful Bliss: Dawn Lee’s Buttermilk Masala harmonizes Indian spices and herbs for an irresistible taste.

Try Dawn Lee’s Buttermilk Masala: No artificial colors or fragrances. No additives or fillers. No added sugar. Vegan-friendly.

Health Flourishes: Bid adieu to acidity and dehydration woes.

How to Indulge: Infuse Dawn Lee’s Masala into your buttermilk and relish the refreshing symphony.

Contains coriander, cumin, chilly, fenugreek, tamarind, turmeric etc…

Store in a cool and dry place.

Packed in a facility that processes Cereals, Nuts, and Spices.

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Weight75 g


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