Dried Salted Amla | Mouth Freshener | Vitamin C Rich | Rock Salt Goodness | Boost Metabolism | Healthier Hair | Healthy After Meal


“Elevate Your Post-Meal Snacking with Triple Vitamin C Power.”

  • Vitamin C Boost: Triple power of Vitamin C for immunity.
  • Sundried Perfection: Amla sundried to preserve nutrients.
  • Rock Salt Goodness: A touch of rock salt, avoiding white salt.
  • Digestive Practice: Sitting in Vajrasana post-meal aids digestion.
  • Health Benefits: Studies show improved metabolism, better eyesight, radiant skin, and stronger hair.
  • Blood Sugar Balance: Supports steady blood sugar levels.

Experience guilt-free, delectable snacking with Dawn Lee’s Salted Amla! Infused with the triple power of Vitamin C, these shade-dried amla pieces, enriched with rock salt, revolutionize your post-meal routine. Enhanced digestion, boosted metabolism, and sustained energy levels are the rewards of this delightful treat.

Elevate your snacking game while caring for your well-being. Dawn Lee’s Sundried Amla offers a tasty way to harness the nutritional prowess of Vitamin C.

Why Choose Dawn Lee’s Salted Amla?

  • Pure Goodness: 100% natural, shade-dried amla.
  • No Compromises: Free from artificial colors and flavors.
  • Digestive Bliss: Aids digestion, and alleviates stomach issues.
  • Holistic Benefits: Enhances eyes, skin, and hair health.
  • Blood Sugar Balance: Maintains steady blood sugar levels.
  • Energy Surge: Revives energy levels naturally.
  • Mouth Freshener: A healthy mukhwas alternative.
  • Amla’s Essence: Goodness of Amla, sundried to perfection.
  • Hygienically Crafted: Made in small batches for superior quality.
  • Black Salt Goodness: Infused with the richness of black salt.

Bonus Practice: Pair your snack with Vajrasana, enhancing digestion further. Embrace snacking that nourishes your body from within.

(Based on several studies) Boosted Metabolism: Supports efficient calorie burning, Enhanced Digestion: Aids in smoother digestion, Skin and Hair Wellness: Promotes healthier skin and hair, Immune Support: Provides a Vitamin C boost for immunity, Blood Sugar Balance: Helps maintain steady blood sugar levels, Improved Eyesight: Supports good eye health, Holistic Nutrition: Packed with essential nutrients, Natural Vitality: Energizes and revitalizes the body.

Dried Amla Fruit, Khand Sugar

Post-Meal Snacking: Enjoy as a healthy snack after meals, Vajrasana Practice: For enhanced digestion, sit in Vajrasana for 5-10 minutes after consuming, Daily Delight: Incorporate into your daily routine for maximum benefits.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Packed in a facility that processes Cereals, Nuts, and Spices.

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Weight50 g


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