Ceylon Cinnamon Latte 50 gm | Sugar-Free | Heartfelt Wellness in Every Sip | No Cassia (Refill Pack)


“Heartfelt Wellness in Every Sip: Dawn Lee’s Unique Ceylon Cinnamon Elixir”

Discover the Excellence of Dawn Lee’s Ceylon Cinnamon Elixir:

  • Crafted from the World’s Finest Ceylon Cinnamon and Immunity-Boosting Spices and Dry Fruits in a Truly Unique Blend.
  • Ayurveda’s Preferred Choice: Ceylon Cinnamon, Offering Abundant Health Benefits and Minimal Coumarin Content, Safe for Health.
  • Enhanced with Brain-Stimulating Herbs for Soothing the Senses and Boosting Memory.
  • Nurturing Heart Health: Harnessing Ceylon Cinnamon’s Power to Lower Heart Risks.


In Ayurveda, Doodh Masala holds significant importance as a natural energy booster and an Ayurvedic elixir for energy and strength. It is made with milk, nuts, and various spices, which offer several health benefits. This blend improves digestion, reduces inflammation, and supports an active lifestyle. “Experience Dawnlee’s exclusive range with a unique selection of healthy lattes, including Chocolate, Saffron, Ceylon Cinnamon, and more. Each latte promotes overall health and nourishment.”


Dawn Lee’s Ceylon Cinnamon Latte is a unique and wholesome beverage that offers a delightful combination of flavors and health benefits. The preference for Ceylon cinnamon over cassia in Ayurveda is due to several reasons, primarily related to their distinct properties and potential health effects.
Different Kinds of Cinnamon:


  • High coumarin content: Cassia contains abnormally high levels of coumarin, a naturally occurring compound that, in large amounts, can be harmful to the liver and other organs.
  • Flavor and taste: Cassia has a strong and spicy flavor, which might be overpowering in some dishes.
  • Appearance: It is reddish-dark brown in color and is sourced from China.


  • Lower coumarin content: Ceylon cinnamon has significantly lower levels of coumarin, making it a safer option for regular consumption.
  • Flavor and taste: Ceylon cinnamon has a milder and sweeter flavor, making it suitable for a variety of culinary applications.
  • Appearance: It is tan-brown in color and is native to Sri Lanka.

Dawn Lee Ceylon Cinnamon Latte and its Benefits:

  • Our Ceylon Cinnamon Latte offers a quick energy boost and a delightful taste, making it suitable for both winter and summer consumption.
  • This latte can serve as a healthy and delicious alternative to your regular caffeine intake.
  • Some benefits associated with consuming Ceylon cinnamon include boosting immunity, aiding weight loss, promoting heart health, regulating blood sugar levels, and providing relief from cough and cold symptoms.
  • Ceylon cinnamon has anti-clotting properties, and the other key ingredients, such as:
    (i) Kashmiri Almond: Rich in healthy fats and vitamin E, Antioxidant rich, providing energy.
    (ii) Nutmeg & Mace Powder: Known for its calming and digestive benefits, adds a warm, slightly nutty taste.
    (iii) Kashmiri Saffron: Rich in antioxidants, imparts a unique color, and promotes mood balance.
    (iv) Ashwagandha: An adaptogenic herb that may help reduce stress and support overall well-being.
    (v) Brahmi & Shankhpushpi: Known for cognitive enhancement and supporting brain health, Traditionally used to improve memory and concentration.
    And more such immunizing herbs.
(Based on several studies) Enhanced digestion, Reduced inflammation, Natural energy boost, Support for an active lifestyle, Nourishment for overall health, Cognitive enhancement, Blood sugar regulation, Antioxidant-rich, Heart health supports the Immune system boost, Weight management support.
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder, Almond (Kashmiri Mamra Almonds), Cashewnut, Fennel Seeds, Pistachio’s, Mulethi, Nutmeg, Mace Powder, Cardamom, Saffron, Ashwagandha, Bramhi, Sankhpushpi, Cumin Seeds, Vacha, Basil Leaf, Black Pepper, Turmeric Powder, Spikenard.
Preparation: Add one to two teaspoons of Dawnlee’s milk masala to a cup. Heating: Pour warm milk into the cup, filling it halfway. Stirring: Mix the milk masala thoroughly until it blends well. Completion: Top the cup with the remaining warm milk and stir again. Enjoy: Savor the rich flavors and health benefits of your chosen latte. Explore More Products with the Super Ingredient, Ceylon Cinnamon! Discover Dawn Lee’s Ceylon Cinnamon Powder and Whole Sticks.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Packed in a facility that processes Cereals, Nuts, and Spices.


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