Sugar Free Dry Fruit Laddu 200 gm Mamra Almonds A2 Cow Ghee Nourish of Brain Body, Energy Bar for Kids Natural Preservative Free


“Assorted Ladoos with Real Dry Fruits: A Delectable and Nutritious Delight!”

  • The goodness of A2 Bilona Ghee, Kashmiri Almonds and saffron, Medjool dates
  • Ideal for 1+ years kids and above & suitable for all age groups
  • Natural without any preservatives without added sugar or Jaggery.
  • No artificial color, flavor, or preservatives, No artificial sweetener.

Indulge in the perfect blend of taste and health with our assortment of ladoos enriched with the goodness of dry fruits. Crafted to provide you with a burst of energy, these treats are not only delicious but also incredibly nourishing.

Made with the finest ingredients, our ladoos boast the richness of A2 Bilona Ghee, the wholesome crunch of Kashmiri Almonds, the luxury of saffron, and the natural sweetness of Medjool dates. This delightful combination creates a symphony of flavors that cater to your taste buds while revitalizing your body.

Perfectly suited for kids aged 1 year and above, as well as individuals of all age groups, these ladoos serve as an excellent source of natural sustenance. We take pride in offering you a product that’s free from preservatives, added sugar, or jaggery, making it a genuinely natural choice for your snacking pleasure.

Rest assured, our ladoos contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. We’re committed to providing you with the pure goodness of real ingredients. Additionally, we’ve made sure that our ladoos contain no artificial sweeteners. The inclusion of A2 Bilona Ghee further adds to the nutritional value, known for its potential benefits for brain health.

So, embrace these assorted ladoos not only as a delectable treat but also as a health-conscious choice. Enjoy the combined goodness of dry fruits in every bite, knowing that you’re savoring a snack that’s as pure as it is delightful.

  • (Based on several studies) Nutrient-rich blend of dry fruits for essential vitamins and antioxidants, A2 Bilona Ghee supports brain health with healthy fats, Kashmiri Almonds offer heart-healthy fats, fiber, and vitamin E, Saffron contributes potential antioxidants and mood-enhancing effects, The natural sweetness from Medjool dates, no added sugars or jaggery, Suitable for all ages, from kids aged 1+ to adults, Free from artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives, Provides sustained energy without sugary crashes, Antioxidants combat oxidative stress and free radicals, Dietary fiber aids digestion and gut health.
Delicious Dates, A2 Bilona Ghee, Cashew, Almond, Pista, Sesame Seeds, Saffron, Rose Petals, Green Cardamom.
Ready-to-eat-snack High protein & Iron rich morning snack Can be taken with tea or milk as evening snack.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Packed in a facility that processes Cereals, Nuts, and Spices.

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Weight200 g


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