Green Cardamom

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“The Queen of Spices.”

Authenticity: True cardamom seeds reside in green pods; beware of bleached white pods.
Health Benefits: It aids digestion, detoxifies, freshens breath, and potentially uplifts mood.
Natural Defense: Harness antibacterial properties to combat pathogens.
Culinary Marvel: In Indian cuisine, it enriches sweets, cuisines, and masala chai.
Premium Quality: Dawn Lee offers premium quality long buds of pure green cardamom with strong flavor and aroma.

Green Cardamom: Ayurveda’s Tridoshic Digestive Spice
Explore the holistic advantages of cardamom in Ayurveda. As a tridoshic marvel, cardamom harmonizes all three doshas, with a note for those with Pitta tendencies to consume it moderately.
Its medicinal and culinary uses trace back to the 4th century, adorning the Cardamom Hills within the Western Ghats of Southern India. Renowned as a superb digestive aid, cardamom effectively tackles bloating and intestinal gas.

Did You Know?
Cardamom holds the prestigious title of being the world’s third most expensive spice. Hand-harvested with meticulous care, this labor-intensive process adds a touch of craftsmanship that sets each pod apart.

Beyond flavor, cardamom is a manganese-rich gem, crucial for producing free-radical-fighting enzymes. Its potent detox abilities cleanse the body, fortifying it against diverse ailments.

Unveiling the Green Pod True cardamom seeds, nestled within vibrant green pods, are a testament to nature’s beauty. Beware of white cardamom pods on the market – they often signify bleached or aged green pods. Choose authenticity by opting for the actual pods, as pre-ground cardamom swiftly loses.

Culinary and Cultural Marvel: Dawn Lee Green Cardamom enriches traditional Indian dishes, adding unmatched flavor and aroma. It enhances as a flavor booster and breath freshener.

In the world of spices, Dawn Lee Green Cardamom reigns supreme – long buds, pure green adulteration free from any process, strong aroma and flavor.

(Based on several studies) Digestive Aid, Reduces Bloating and Intestinal Gas, Balances Kapha Dosha, Soothes Vata Dosha, Breath Freshener, Detoxification, Source of Manganese, Antioxidant Properties, Potential Mood Enhancement, Antibacterial and Antiviral Effects, Supports Respiratory Health.
Green Cardamom (Hari Elaichi)
Freshen breathe and aid digestion by chewing seeds, Enhance dishes with whole or ground cardamom, Add fragrant cardamom to teas and beverages, Elevate spice blends and masalas with cardamom, Carry cardamom pods for quick breath refreshment, Mix seeds into snacks or yogurt for nutrition.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Packed in a facility that processes Cereals, Nuts, and Spices.

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