Jaggery Powder | Pure Gud Powder | Less Sticky | Unprocessed | Adulteration Free | Nature’s Medicinal Sugar | Detoxification of The Liver | Blood Purifier

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“Dawnlee’s Jaggery Powder: Nature’s Sweetness.”

  • Choose Jaggery in Powder form for Extended Freshness, longer shelf life than solid jaggery as it contains less moisture content.
  • Less sticky, easy to use in powder form.
  • Dawn Lee Jaggery Powder: Pure and Natural, Unprocessed, No Adulteration.
  • Milk Harmony: Safe addition to milk without curdling concerns.

Rediscover Nature’s “Medicinal Sugar”:
Jaggery often hailed as “medicinal sugar,” stands shoulder to shoulder with honey in terms of nutrition. Rooted in Ayurvedic Medicine for over 3000 years, it sweetens while bestowing health benefits. Ayurveda recognizes its efficacy in treating throat and lung infections.

Why Choose Jaggery in Powder Form?

Reduced Oxidation: Experience decreased oxidation levels for prolonged freshness.

Low Moisture Content: Enjoy lower moisture content compared to solid jaggery.
Extended Shelf Life: Embrace a longer shelf life compared to traditional solid jaggery.
Hygiene Advantage: Say goodbye to stickiness for a cleaner experience.

Swift Solubility and Healthier Sweetening:

Rapid Liquids Blend: Witness faster solubility when added to liquids.
Healthier Sweetener: Opt for a more wholesome alternative to refined sugar.
Milk-Friendly: Safely add to milk without curdling concerns.
Post-Meal Delight: Satisfy post-meal cravings while boosting iron levels, as Ayurveda suggests.

Directions for Usage:

Jaggery Water Delight: Enjoy the benefits of jaggery by consuming it as jaggery water.

Gud Ka Paani (Jaggery Water) Benefits:

Elevate Your Experience:

Dive into the world of Dawnlee’s Jaggery Powder – a blend of tradition and modern convenience. While jaggery has stood as India’s cherished sweetener for ages, the ease of jaggery powder is unbeatable. No more sticky fingers, and it’s travel-friendly too. Its rapid solubility trumps that of solid jaggery. Plus, with lower oxidation levels and moisture content, its shelf life is extended, all while ensuring hygiene.

Why Dawnlee’s Jaggery Powder?
Our powder is derived from concentrated sugarcane juice, ensuring its natural essence. What’s more, add it to milk without the worry of curdling, and rest assured, no synthetics are used.

(Based on several studies) Prevent and relieve constipation, Detoxification of the liver, Blood purifier, Fights common cold and cough, Source of carbohydrates.

Pure 100% Natural Jaggery.

Healthy Sugar Swap: Replace sugar with jaggery for a wholesome choice, Post-Meal Boost: Enjoy a spoonful after meals to maintain healthy iron levels, Beverage Bliss: Mix into tea or coffee for a flavorful twist, Delightful Treat: Savor it like candy – a favorite for both kids and adults alike!

Store in a cool and dry place.

Packed in a facility that processes Cereals, Nuts, and Spices.

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