Rajgira | Gluten-Free | India’s Premier Fasting Wonder Grain Amaranth | High Calcium | Promotes Strong Bones & Prevents Osteoporosis

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The Marvelous Indian Superfood “Wonder Grain”.

  • Gluten-Free Advantage: With no gluten, Rajgira suits those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.
  • High Calcium: Named “immortal” in Greek, Rajgira boasts triple the calcium of most grains. It promotes strong bones and prevents osteoporosis.
  • India’s Premier Fasting Grain with exceptional nutrition and versatility.
  • Dawn Lee offers pure Rajgira without any additives or fillers, ensuring the highest quality.

Known as the “Wonder Grain,” Amaranth (Amaranthus blitum), also called Rajgira or Rama’s grain, is a versatile leafy vegetable consumed globally. Treasured in Indian culture, Rajgira was a preferred fasting food for our ancestors, offering essential nutrition for a healthy life.

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Rajgira: The Royal Grain

Rajgira, also known as Amaranth, is swiftly rising in the realm of superfoods. The term “Rajgira” combines “Raj” meaning “royal” and “Gira” meaning “grain,” reflecting its esteemed status. It’s even referred to as “Ramadana,” signifying God’s own grain.

A Festival Favorite

Rajgira holds significance during fasting and religious festivities. Abundant in calcium, it’s revered as a rich source of nutrients.

Nourishing Traditions

Rajgira has been a staple in our diets, prominently featured in Rajgira laddus. These energy-packed laddus are created by blending popped Rajgira grains with melted jaggery. They not only taste delightful but also offer a good dose of iron.

Rajgira: The Hidden Nutritional Gem

Resembling tiny quinoa, Rajgira shines for its remarkable protein content. A mere 100 grams of uncooked Rajgira boasts a hefty 14 grams of protein. It’s not just a grain; it’s a pseudo-cereal rich in potassium and magnesium, aiding in reducing retention.

Traditionally, Rajgira has lent itself to a variety of preparations, from khichdi, porridge, parathas, laddoos, dosa, and patties. Amongst the Gujarati community, it’s transformed into khandvi, panki, puris, and muthias. Meanwhile, Maharashtrians savor it in upwas-style thalipeeth, puran poli, bhakarwadi, and parathas. Both communities opt for Rajgira during fasting days, substituting grains like wheat and rice with alternate flours such as buckwheat, singada (water chestnut), and Rajgira.

For fasting, Rajgira becomes vital as it offers sustained, slow-releasing energy for extensive rituals or busy days. It’s also an excellent pre-workout option, providing natural protein for enduring energy, unlike fleeting sugar highs.

Savor the Prowess of Rajgira: A Superfood’s Secret Unveiled.

  • Iron Boost: Rich in minerals, especially iron, Rajgira enhances cellular metabolism, boosts red blood cell production, and fights anemia.
  • Immune Support: Abundant in vitamin C, Rajgira strengthens the immune system, providing overall protection.
  • Blood Sugar Control: Rajgira’s fiber maintains blood sugar levels and promotes a healthy appetite.

Experience Rajgira’s array of benefits with Dawn Lee’s pure quality, free from additives and fillers.

(Based on several studies) Iron Boost, Immune Support, Gluten-Free Aid, Blood Sugar Control, Calcium Enrichment.
Preparation: Soak Rajgira for a few hours or as required, Cooking: Boil or cook Rajgira as desired, adding water or milk, Seasoning: Add your preferred seasonings, nuts, and fruits, Enjoy: Savor the nutritious goodness of Rajgira in porridge, laddus, parathas, or other creative recipes.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Packed in a facility that processes Cereals, Nuts, and Spices.

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