Sweet Crunchy Mouth Freshener | Refreshing, Digestive, and Mood Enhancer | Low Calorie, Low Fat | Instant Relief From Spicy Food-Induced Stomach Irritation


“Crunch and Freshen: Your Sweet Relief from Spicy Heat! A Mood-Boosting Fusion.”

Dawn Lee Sweet Crunchy: The Essence of World’s Finest Mukhwas Healthy After-Meals.

  • 100% Natural, Premium Quality Ingredients
  • Enriched with Proteins, Fiber, and Calcium
  • Low Calorie, Low Fat
  • Refreshing, Digestive, and Mood Enhancer
  • Safe for All: Kid-friendly, harmless even with frequent consumption.

Experience the natural sweetness and flavors with our mouth fresheners. Not only do they refresh your breath, but they also provide instant relief from spicy food-induced stomach irritation. Indulge in the benefits of Dhana Dal, Fennel Seeds, Dates, Mint, Coconut Powder, and Green Cardamom. Enjoy without worries – they’re safe for kids and won’t harm even when consumed generously.

Did You Know? The Origins of Mouth Fresheners.
Historically popular among nobles, kings, and maharajas. Earlier people used to take betel leaves elaichi, lung as mouth fresheners. Traditional paan daans were made of silver and copper and had compartments for leaves, betel seeds, Laung, fennel, and other ingredients. Chewing betel nut leaves as mukhwas has a long history in India. Designed to store betel leaves safely and maintain their freshness.

The Hindu poet Keshavdas includes mukhwas as one of the sixteen adornments in the Shodash Shringar tradition. Initially, mukhwas evolved as an ayurvedic remedy to refresh the mouth after meals and for oral hygiene.

The timeless mukhwas tradition has undergone a transformation, drifting from its original essence. Unfortunately, commercialization has diluted its intrinsic values.

Did You Know? The Bitter Truth About Artificial Mouth Fresheners:

Artificial mouth fresheners harbor surprising sugar content. Shockingly, they contain 12 times more sugar than a can of Coke! Today’s market is inundated with saccharine-coated, preservative-laden options that veer from their authentic roots.

Impact on Health:
Elevated Sugar Intake: These products lead to elevated sugar consumption.
Weight Gain: Excess sugar contributes to weight gain.
Dental Concerns: Dental issues are exacerbated by sugary products.
Sweet Taste Addiction: They foster an addiction to sweetness.
Chemical Exposure: The use of preservatives brings potential chemical exposure.

Choose Wisely!
Prioritize mindful consumption. Pause before offering these to kids. Shield your health from hidden perils.

Make the Switch to Dawn Lee: Your Path to Healthier Mouth Fresheners!
Ancient values, digestive support, sugar-free, nutrient-rich, no additives; anti-ulcerative properties for a fresh smile inside and out!

(Based on several studies) Supports Digestion, Freshens Breath, Provides Instant Spicy Relief, Rich in Antioxidants, Natural Source of Fiber, Nourishing Minerals and Vitamins, Low Calorie and Low Fat.
Dhana Dal, Fennel Seeds, Dates, Mint, Coconut Powder, Green Cardamom.
Portable and great for any time! Best to eat after meals.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Packed in a facility that processes Cereals, Nuts, and Spices.

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Weight75 g


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